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Rec to Comp Program

Rec To Comp Developmental Program

Loomis SC has developed the Rec to Comp Developmental Program for  recreational soccer players that want to transition to competitive soccer, but might not yet have the soccer skills necessary to make the transition, or might be too nervous about the tryout process.

The program may also be available to competitive players that have recently moved to the Loomis area and are either coming from a program outside the Northern California area or have received a release from their NorCal club.

The Developmental Player can join the competitive team at any time during the year, although the ideal time is spring when teams are often short players due to other spring sports. They will practice with the team just like any other player; however, play time during games may be limited until their skill level increases, which typically takes about one season.

There is also an opportunity during fall recreational season for the player to practice with both the comp and rec teams, but play games with the rec team.  This ensures the player will get plenty of play time during rec games, but will also get additional training with the competitive team until their skill level improves to the point where they can fully transition to the comp team.

If you are interested in this program, please complete the Rec to Comp Interest Form and someone will contact you to discuss further.