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Competitive Soccer General Information

Our Program

Loomis SC competitive players are registered with US Club Soccer and compete in NorCal Premier Soccer League. The LYSC Comp program provides players with a valuable learning experience, an opportunity to improve their soccer skills, and play competitive level soccer at an affordable cost.

Our success is built upon the untiring efforts of numerous volunteers and is measured by how well we accomplish our objectives, not just by wins/loss records. As a small town with relationship first perspective, Loomis SC is getting visibility as a strong soccer community filled with passion, fundamental skill development, and tactical knowledge.

What is the cost for the comp soccer program?

The typical total cost per player (not including uniforms) ranges from $600-$1,000 per year, depending on various factors, such as how many tournaments the team participates in, whether or not the team plays in spring league, and whether or not the team uses a paid trainer. Our uniform kits typically cost about $200-$250 every 2-3 years. When comparing our prices, be sure to consider that prices posted at other clubs often do not include all the extras, such as goalkeeper training, futsal, tournament fees, trainer fees, etc.

Are there tryouts?

Yes, all players are required to attend at least one tryout. Click here for information regarding tryouts. We do everything we can to accommodate all players that tryout, including taking on "developmental players" in our Rec to Comp Program.

What about uniforms?

All Loomis SC comp soccer teams must have a uniform, as well as cleats and shin guards. Uniforms will be available for purchase from:

Soccer Pro
11726 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks
(916) 962-0880

Check with your coach or team manager for details.

If you have questions regarding sizing, you can follow this link: or feel free to email

How many practices are there every week and where are they?

Our comp teams typically practice 1-3 times per week, depending on the month. Most practices will be at local Loomis/Penryn Fields.

How many games are there every week and where are they played?

Our competitive teams will typically play 30-50 games per year. There are typically 1-2 games per week during the fall season. Weekend tournaments are typically 2-3 games in a weekend. Spring Season is usually one game per week.

Typically about 75% of the games are played in the greater Sacramento area.  Tournaments and State Cup will typically be within a 2-3 hour drive.

Do you accept players that live outside of loomis?

Yes, we routinely accept players that live outside of Loomis. However, priority may be given to players that attend (or will attend) a school located in Loomis, Penryn, Newcastle, or Ophir.

Can Players "PLAY UP"?

They can request to "play up" to one age group above the appropriate age group. However, that request will be met based on available space, and the approval of the the Coach.

Does Loomis SC have paid coaches?

No, Loomis SC does not normally have paid coaches. However, many of our teams do utilize professional paid trainers during part of the year. Our coaches are not only licensed and experienced coaches, but they have the passion and love for the game to want to volunteer their time to help the kids in our community.

What is the difference between Recreational and Competitive level soccer?

Recreational Soccer is open to everyone, regardless of experience or skill level and has a single Fall Season. Competitive soccer players must attend tryouts and typically play a Fall Season, and various other events throughout the rest of the year (Spring league, State Cup, tournaments, etc.).

Why do I need to give you a new picture?

The photos are used to make player cards, which the referees check before each game to verify that the player belongs on the team. The League requires current pictures of each player.

Who runs the Loomis Youth Soccer Club?

LYSC is a non-profit volunteer organization, not affiliated with any school districts or the town of Loomis. LYSC depends on the volunteer Board members, coaches and parents to keep things running smoothly.

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteer coaches, team managers, and help running the club. Coaching is a fun and rewarding experience that you and your child will remember for years to come. If you are even considering coaching, please answer Yes to the registration question about being willing to coach and our Director of Coaching will contact you to discuss further.

What is the typical soccer season?

May - Tryouts June-August - 1-3 summer tournaments with practices once or twice a week September-November - Fall league (~10 games); 1 tournament; State Cup (4-6 games), 2 practices per week December-February - Finish state cup, 1-2 practices per week, including indoor Futsal training at local elementary school gyms March-May - Spring league (~8 games) and/or 1-2 tournaments. B teams may take spring off, but players that wish to continue playing to play with the A teams

What is the difference between the A and B teams?

Some of our age groups have enough players to form A and B teams. B teams are a great way to transition from recreational to competitive soccer. They are also great for players that soccer is not be their primary sport. In general, the A team will play more games, have more practices, attend more tournaments, and play at a higher level than the B team. B teams might take winter/spring off, but B team players that wish to play soccer during the off season will have opportunities to play with the A team.

Does Loomis SC support multi-sport athletes?

Yes, we understand that supporting multi-sport athletes is important for the overall growth and development of the players. We also understand the importance of being able to participate in high school sports. Our general policy is that we expect soccer to be the first priority during the primary soccer season, and we understand that other sports might take priority other times of the year. Please do not hesitate to discuss your child's specific circumstances with the coach to determine what accommodations can be made.

What do you offer for training during the winter months?

During the winter months, we offer a combination of outdoor training on artificial turf fields and indoor Futsal training. Futsal is great for keeping the players active during the rainy season. There is no additional cost for our futsal program.

Does Loomis SC offer goalkeeper training?

Yes, we offer professional goalkeeper training once per week during the fall season, and sometimes during the spring season. There is no additional cost for this program.

How do I prepare my player to move up to competitive soccer?

Consider getting additional training sessions with Vision Soccer Training or participating in a Futsal League. If you are moving up from the LYSC recreational program, feel free to contact any of our comp coaches. They will be happy to let your player attend a comp training session to provide you with feedback. In some cases, there may be room to join one of our competitive teams mid-season.

Why should my child come to Loomis SC?

Loomis SC’s community/family oriented approach provides children with the opportunity to learn in an environment with highly competitive coaches and trainers. They will become skilled soccer players, while learning life lessons as they grow with in the Loomis Community and Soccer Club. Our goal is to continue to improve the player’s skill and passion for the game. Most of the Loomis SC teams have year-round programs and compete well against other soccer clubs in the region. Loomis SC focuses on a positive balanced experience. Come meet our coaches and players and then decide.

What fields do you use for practice?

Loomis SC uses a variety of fields for practices within the Loomis community, including Franklin Field (turf), Del Oro High School (Turf), Loomis Park (grass) and H. Clarke Powers (grass).

How much travel should I expect for games and tournaments?

Travel will be based on the coaches, the success of the team, and parent input. We are fortunate to live in a region with multiple opportunities to find high level competition. Most teams travel inside the Sacramento region for league play. State cup matches typically require a few day trips to the Modesto area. Most teams do one or two "travel tournaments" to locations such as Truckee, South Lake Tahoe, or the Bay Area.

My child has tryouts for multiple clubs. When will I know if they are selected for a Loomis SC team?

In most cases the coaches will speak in person or on the phone to the kids and parents after the first or second tryout date.

Important Information

Competitive soccer tryout registration is closed. Click here to register! Registration is free and open to anyone.

  • Tryouts will be held May 22nd - 24th for U15 (2009) - U19 (2005)
  • Click here for more information about the tryout process including specific times and locations. *Specific tryout times and locations listed below.
  • Read below for more information regarding our comp soccer program.
  • If you have any questions about competitive soccer or the tryout process, please reach out to David Wills, Director of Coaching  @

Tryout Dates, Times and Locations

Event Date Time Location
Tryouts U9 (2015 birth year) May 15-17 4:00-5:00 (Boys and Girls) Franklin Elementary School Turf
Tryouts U10 (2014 birth year) May 15-17 5:00-6:00 (Boys and Girls) Franklin Elementary School Turf
Tryouts U11 (2013 birth year) May 15-17 6:00-7:00 (Boys and Girls) Franklin Elementary School Turf
Tryouts U12 (2012 birth year) May 15-17 7:00-8:00 (Boys and Girls) Franklin Elementary School Turf
Tryouts U13 (2011 birth year) May 15 4:00-5:00 (Girls) 5:00-6:00 (Boys) Cal Fit Indoor Sports Complex (Warren Drive, Premier Field)
Tryouts U13 (2011 birth year) May 16 4:00-5:00 (Boys) 5:00-6:00 (Girls) Cal Fit Indoor Sports Complex (Warren Drive, Premier Field)
Tryouts U13 (2011 birth year) May 17 5:00-6:30 (Boys and Girls) Cal Fit Indoor Sports Complex (Warren Drive, Premier Field)
Tryouts U14 (2010 birth year) May 15-17 6:00-7:00 (Boys) Cal Fit Indoor Sports Complex (Warren Drive, Bantam Field)
Tryouts U16 (2008-2009 birth year) May 22-24 5:00-6:00 (Boys and Girls) H. Clarke Powers Elementary School
Tryouts U17-18 (2005-2007 birth year) May 22-24 6:00-7:00 (Boys) H. Clarke Powers Elementary School